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When Auto-Completion Becomes More Annoying Than Helpful

To configure this feature in Mail, follow the following steps:. To configure this feature in Mail, follow the following steps: Start Mail and enter the Mail Preferences by clicking the Mail menu and selecting Preferences Click on the Composing tab at the top of the window and then check the " Automatically complete addresses " box.

Autofill Your Name and Email in Safari (#1266)

Enter your e-mail address as the user name and your password. To make matters worse, the To field in the Mail app only shows his first and last name, so the email address the Mail app chooses is out of sight and out of mind until I send the email and fail to get a reply in a timely manner.

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This method will not keep email addresses that are in your Contacts app from appearing. To remove an email that is in your Contacts, open the Contacts app on your Mac and remove it from there instead. This is incredibly useful for removing unwanted people from your email history, as well as preventing inbox mix-ups with the people you send emails to.

I've gone so far as to search for and eliminate every trace of every email originating from that address in my inbox, junk and trash, quit and restarted Mail and it's still there. It looks like I may have finally solved this by some obscure post I found on the web. In short, I had to open the Contacts app and disable "Show contacts found in Apps". It seems there was some kind of heinous loop happening here: Contacts was automatically finding contacts based on the emails I received, and Mail was apparently using my Contacts to auto-fill that address, but there was no setting anywhere in Mail to control this!

If you delete that file you will lose all others previous recipents address. So I'll follow the following steps:. If something goes wrong opening the Mail.

Manage Your Previous Recipients in Appleā€™s Mail | The Mac Security Blog

So what finally ended up working for me I tried a lot of things believe me was to follow the instructions on this web page. It seems that the Contacts app was collecting email addresses from mail I had received and automatically added implicit contacts to my address book, which Mail was sourcing for its autocomplete. It finally seems to be gone now, but it had been that way for close to a year, believe it or not.

This is just an example of some really dumb "intelligence" if you ask me.

Add Mac OS X Auto-Complete List Addresses to Your Address Book

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