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They have a bunch of "drills" as they call them and are free as long as you use it them in the site. Personally I wouldn't use something like this with the instrument necessarily, but I guess it depends on what you play just because being able to read the music and playing them on the instrument are different things. You can know the name of the note you are reading and even the fingering, but have bad intonation. You can also have great intonation and not be able to read music. They are separate skills. Another free site that allows customization of exercises: The best one I've found so far is Noteable.

It supports MIDI interface. As far as I'm aware, though, there's no support for practicing chords, and it's not free. I've spent the last year working on a software product called SightReadingMastery to help people with sight reading. A few things about it to note:.

Feel free to comment here or email me at evan sightreadingmastery. Thanks for considering my product. Musition 4. Compared to previous version, there are more elementary lessons, more progressive on most topics.

10 Guitar Sight Reading Tips

It supports a lot of configuration settings so you can practice under different settings You can buy individual grades from your music authority of choice, or if you really fancy it, you can buy over 1, pieces of music covering all the grades from some of the World's top music examination boards. I have answer this also in another topic. A website that my band teacher uses is Sight Reading Factory. I think that it is a very nice piece of software. It has a lot of good features. This does cost money, but there is a trial version, where they give you 5 free samples for every set of samples you do.

So if you only change one thing, such as the key signature, you get five more free pieces. I use my mobile phone with Solfa. Mobile device allows me to learn on way to and from work train, bus and also somehow feels more convenient and "ready" than a desktop computer or laptop. You cannot take your piano on a bus. This keyboard is playable not a great sound but seems correct pitch so the tool also trains ear in some degree. Nothing bad can be said about this program really; it does all apart MIDI , costs like a cup of coffee and runs on a wide variety of smartphones Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Amazon Android, etc.

Another one I just found: It claims to have flash cards and "music-themed puzzles and games" to help learn various aspects of music playing and theory.

However, I've never tried it. It supports MIDI interface, and is not free. There are tips to improve your sight-reading on their introducary page The free version has pretty much all the features of Noteable, but with nicer graphics.

‎Guitar Sight Reading Trainer on the App Store

It also supports accidentals, and a timed scrolling mode. However, it doesn't support MIDI input. The good news is that there's a paid version which does support MIDI input. It also allows you to practice chords and key-signatures. I personally use Band-in-the-Box for the purpose of practicing or better say upkeep my sight-reading. It generates, chords, melodies and solos so You can practice different qualities of sight-reading.

You can loop generated songs. You can choose keys, styles, postions and so one - nor to songs will be the same. Of course this is not a learning software, so maybe You will need some preparatory exercises done elsewhere.


I have had lessons in the past from noted instructors, but Sean is the only teacher who has connected the dots in order for me to solo effectively. Sean has vast experience and a variety of practical resources that are exceptional. His training methods to master timing I haven't seen anywhere else. Drop me a line below and we can setup a time for your first lesson! You can get it right now. Please send me a message below with the email you want added as your contact email as well as someway for me to identify that it was you that bought it: This is the "buy one licenses, get one free!

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Guitarists of every level will benefit from this program. In a rut? Who is this "Sean Clancy" person who designed this? If you believe this comment is offensive or violates the CNET's Site Terms of Use , you can report it below this will not automatically remove the comment.

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Once reported, our staff will be notified and the comment will be reviewed. I am aware I can opt out at any time. Overview Specs. From Rolfs Apps: Sight reading skills will give you access to written music and get you familiar with any style of music.

Guitar Sight Reading Practise using Say It Then Play It

Sight reading is not difficult and with enough practice everybody can develop it. This app helps you to instantly find the notes on every part of the fretboard with a special focus on position playing. With improved sight reading skills you will find it easier to concentrate on other aspects of music such as harmony, rhythm etc.

Locate note on fretboard based on note in staff. Locate note on fretboard based on note name and pitch.

Publisher's Description

Find name of note on the staff without fretboard. Find name of note presented on fretboard. Automatic detection of problem notes. Key signature support, sharps or flats. Automatic choice of the enharmonic notes for each scale to avoid double sharps or double flats in the key signature. Frets are grouped to restrict the number of notes to be practiced and tested. Predefined fret groups, e. Any custom fret group can be defined.

The fret group is highlighted as an area on the fretboard. Progress of your sight reading skills is maintained per fret group. The longest streak record per fret group is saved as a measure for sight reading accuracy.