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I must have gone through a few hundred photos or so looking for a specific one. Thanks for your comments, Jon and Urquhart Urk -related? In fact, I had to do a restart again today when moving files into a new subfolder unexpectedly resulted in a duplication of the source files. The reboot did away with all extras, and the recovered files now behave normally.

Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server?? | Treehouse Community

No clue if this gremlin was related to the permissions issue. As to the method I used to fix the permissions. It should be noted that the 2nd Terminal step was necessary. I rebooted again to use the Eclectic Light method. On the guess that both of you mean "restart" when you say "reboot" It's not a permissions error and you are not seeing things.

Directory Indexes source code (some code remove for brevity)

It's a Preview bug. I've ran into it several dozen times in the last few months. I use preview a lot and it comes up quite often for me, especially when I'm opening batches of images via Finder. But that's not always a fix.

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The other thing it often won't let me do is delete images. So lets say I've dropped in images from an SD card and opened them all, and I intend to weed out the bad shots or duplicates etc and can usually do that with cmd-delete in preview. But sometimes it says I don't have permission to delete move them.

Again, often have to quit and relaunch preview. I wish they'd fix that.

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Preview's got other issues too, most notably problems with "open related images in the same window". How it determines what images are "related", I sometimes cannot fathom.

Turn it off, and it sometimes still insists on opening say 5 of my images in one window and the other 95 in another window. Quit and relaunch and reopen, same exact five open in their own window. I miss the old Preview. I found my notes on the Preview problem. This can work for any app that's decided to get stupid on you and refuse to return normal behavior: Previous Topic Index Next Topic.

Hop to: Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. Generated in 1. Zlib compression enabled. Powered by UBB. You are not logged in. Topic Options. Nary a clue, but I wonder if it would be worth your while to boot into your Recovery partition and repair home permissions if the functionality still exists and is still located there [I haven't looked in ages.

Update October 2016

Sierra re-introduces repairing permissions. No error , and the errant files are now readable by Preview. I still have no idea exactly why GraphicConverter worked on the florfed files, but I have my suspicions It's my go-to app for problem image files, hence my bringing it up here. New York State. Urquhart Registered: This is displayed as follows: To be able to open the other user's Second Calendar folder, you must have at least Reviewer permission to their default Calendar folder. For more information about how to share a folder in Outlook for Mac, see the following Office website: Share a folder in an Exchange account.

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Assign permissions to users and groups

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