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Mac 1 anno ago. App 2 anni ago. Apple 10 mesi ago. Rev relies on a dedicated team of people for its transcription service to guarantee accuracy, and it shows. Unlike its AI-based counterparts, the transcriptions came complete with punctuation marks to make reading a lot more digestible. This reliance on premium, human-based transcriptions naturally comes with a price, however, as Rev Voice Recorder can be costly for transcriptions of long audio recordings.

Besides that, Rev Voice recorder requires you to create an in-app account for security and payment purposes. This can be problematic, as it gives you yet another account containing sensitive financial information, along with associated login credentials to have to keep track of. That said, Rev Voice Recorder is still a great alternative to TranscribeMe, and ultimately costs less to use whenever you're in need of accurate human-based transcription.

It also beats out its counterpart in terms of turnaround times, which Rev Voice Recorder guarantees will arrive within 12 hours of submission — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Voice Recorder is a simple app that — while free — requires you to purchase the full version to unlock its transcribing feature.

Ottieni il massimo dal tuo software

Voice Recorder is the only app in this list that doesn't require you to create an account in order to use its services, which earns it high marks for instant access. On top of that, the app is incredibly easy to interact with, and features a nifty voice recording page that's skinned in the likeness of a vintage cassette tape recorder. From there, you can easily record, save, and transcribe in a few taps.

Text-to-speech conversion happens in real time — tapping the transcribe button instantly transcribes your recording into text right before your eyes. Voice Recorder is also the only transcriber app on this list that features 3D Touch support for added accessibility, and lets you instantly start a voice recording without having to open the app.

This handy feature makes this transcribing app ideal for students and professionals that need to quickly record important tasks such as interviews, journal entries, or observations while on the go. For all the positives that Voice Recorder brings to the table, however, its not without its weaknesses. Besides the general lack of punctuation marks that can make reading extended transcripts a chore, the app scored at the low end of the spectrum with regards to transcription accuracy.

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This limiting factor ultimately kept Voice Recorder from climbing to the top spot. In all, while Voice Recorder's price is ultimately a bargain when compared to TranscribeMe and Rev Voice Recorder, its inconsistent transcriptions may be a dealbreaker for those who rely on accurate transcriptions for work or school.

Nevertheless, it's still a great option for people who'd like to have a fairly reliable transcribing app at a reasonable, one-time price. The fourth app on this list is the aptly-named Transcribe.

Speechlogger Online

Like TranscribeMe and Rev Voice Recorder, the app is free to download and charges a time-based fee to use its services. Transcribe, however, deviates from its competitors' formulas in some key aspects. Second, Transcribe offers no human-based transcription services, opting instead to rely solely on AI to handle all transcriptions. Given how cheap the service is compared to its competitors, this was most likely done to keep overall costs down for both the company and its customers.

MAXQDA – Programma per l’analisi di dati qualitativi e metodi misti di ricerca

Of all the rate-based transcriber apps on this list, Transcribe offers the most generous free trial period, giving you a minute credit as soon as you sign in to see if the app is right up your alley. Unlike Rev's offer of transcribing your first recording up to 10 minutes for free, Transcribe lets you convert more than one recording — as long as they fall within the minute window. While it lets you transcribe both audio and video files, Transcribe oddly left out the option of direct in-app dictation, and relies instead on recordings imported from the Voice Memo app.

Because of this, any transcriptions done using this app force you to use a separate app for dictation, making it inconvenient. Like other AI-based transcriber apps on this list, Transcribe suffers from a general lack of punctuation marks that can make reading longer texts a hassle.

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In addition to that, the app suffered low marks for transcription accuracy. As bad as those sound, Transcribe has a feature built-in that's proven to be its saving grace. Unlike its competition, Transcribe is the only app on this list that lets you edit your transcripts while simultaneously listening to your recording, and correct any glaring errors for a near-perfect transcription. Because of this, Transcribe is definitely worth a try.

Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch. Sito di questo sviluppatore Supporto app Norme sulla privacy. Altre app di questo sviluppatore Elenco completo. Anytune Pro.

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